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"We were at home in the living room. And as soon as (first baseman Anthony Rizzo) put the ball in his pocket, we knew." For Tomich, there was never any hurry to get married, even if Brock might've thought differently. "Don't blame me! I wanted to get married!" the proud groom said. "Believe me, if I wanted to be married, I'd be married. (Doing it this way) was just fun," Tomich said. Even if planning it in four months was a little scary, she added. A former party planner, Tomich left no foul balls in the stands, however, and made sure their special day had the look and feel of the "Friendly Confines." Hunks of grass graced the reception tables as centerpieces, and Lencioni's catering provided the Italian beef, nachos and other ballpark fare. The bridesmaids' bouquets even had little bats in them, which they and the groomsmen used to form the gauntlet under which the happy couple left the stage. And not one to be left out of the fun, Judge Marissa McDermott "refereed" the nuptials.

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Craig Robinson as Jerry, left, Stephen Merchant as Walter and Anna Kendrick as Eloise in “Table 19.” (Deseret Photo) Interestingly, enjoyably, the actual bride and groom at the center of the event are barely involved in director Jeffrey Blitzs film. They dont even get any dialogue until late in the movie, which takes place during the post-nuptial dinner party. Table 19 is focused squarely on the weddings own Island of Misfit Toys, and frankly, their adventures prove to be a lot more fun. The backbone of the plot is built around learning the exact circumstances of Eloises breakup, but Table 19 has a kind of chaotic ebb and flow that, while messy, lets the audience sit back and watch the misadventures unfold. Rezno is determined to hook up with an eligible female, but his attempts only prove his incompetence. Jerry and Binas marriage doesnt look like its going to survive the day, especially once Binas ulterior motive for attending is revealed. Jo starts off as the token crazy old person, but reveals humbling depths, and Walters creepiness belies a genuine heart once he finally stops trying to convince people that hes really a successful businessman. There are moments of serious sadness and high hilarity, punctuated by moments of heartwarming joy, and the whole mess works because you grow to adore these characters, warts and all. Table 19 is on the more vulgar end of the PG-13 spectrum, but its characters are the kind of people you love in spite of their faults, once you get past the socially backward facades. From the worldview of Table 19, weddings are nothing more than the miserable pomp and circumstance of a heartbreaking industry. But beneath the cynicism and wit of Jay and Mark Duplasss script, Table 19 has a lot of good to say about love, especially the unconditional kind. For some people, watching the folks at Table 19 will be relatable.

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